Sunday, 7 October 2012


You may have noticed that I went back added a tag to my OGRE Universe short story, though really only a snippet of a story, titled Fragments. This post is to explain why I did that?

I've realised that I write a lot.

A couple of blogs alone run to many thousands of words. Enough for a novel even. In my misbegotten past I've written professionally. First off for Miniature Wargames with a review of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, then later for Games Master International magasine as a scenario writer, a reviewer, then columnist; and I would have become a staff writer too, if it hadn't gone bust. I've also written for FASA, contributing to TRO: 3055; writing the Clan second line mechs and refits (all except the Jenner are mine). Not to forget MekTek, a fanzine, and of course the benighted OHMU WarMachine.

So a bit of a history of writing stuff.

I'm writing again for a wargames magasine and hope to have a review published in the next issue. So all is well, but it has made me think back over my writing, and I realise I want to write stories. I have several shorts, and unfinished parts of novels all on my hard-drive.

So I've decided that I need to practice more, and writing fragments is where I'm going to post snippets of stories I've written here for you all to throw brickbats at. If you don't like "fan" fiction then you'll know to skip that particular blog post.

Finally, these are not going to come very often, just because really. Also, if the writing feels it is getting serious, then I'm likely to spin the story stuff off.


  1. You wrote for GMI? Did you get paid?

    (The eternal refrain of UK RPG writers even now...)

    1. To begin with, but always in arrears, which meant I lost three months worth. I was owed more than David Langford, who emailed me to discuss the issue. IIRC I lost around £1000, which given this was twenty years ago was a lot of money.


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