Sunday, 1 July 2012

Marik Marauders: 2 Additions

To see some updated photos of my House Marik mechs go here, and when you come back you can see the new additions to the force below.

The Cicada is one of those nothing to write home about mechs, as it is a bit too fast for its size, which in game terms means it's not able to carry what I would consider a good combat load. Mine are all therefore refits that fix this problem by changing out the stuff it carries and slowing it down.

I never liked the original sculpt of the Jenner, but this one for the Clans looks nice, so I use it as an Inner Sphere captured mech now under House Marik care.

Above is a left leg forward repose of the classic Locust model, which was a tad tricky to do, and I think I can do an even better version now that I've got this one under my belt.

I like Locusts, they are one of my favourite mechs in the game, and I tend to do well with them when playing. This is my interpretation of an LRM5 version.


  1. Thank you. I think that the addition of decals really makes all the difference.

  2. I like the paint schemes you have on here but i have to disagree with the idea that teh Cicada is far to under powered for it's own good weapon wise. It's a good design for it's intended role, to hunt down Locusts.

    Other than that I have been perusing your images here and i must say som eof them look interesting. Where did you find those missile racks for the first Locust??

    1. Cicada serves its role quite well, but its role good be expanded into a better performing machine with just a few very minor changes, the first one being make it a movement of 7 & 11, rather than 8 & 12, because it would still be able to act as a screen against Locusts, but be far more robust.

      The missile pods are off the current IS version of the Locust. Fitting huh?

    2. Hrms. About the Cicadsa. i think i may have been thinking you downgraded it more by your post on it. As for teh Missile rac, yeah. it is fitting. too bad the old locust is unseen. :(

  3. Definitely inspirational. Thanks for sharing this one with me Ashley!

    1. My pleasure and thank you taking the time to comment. I must get around to painting up my other Locusts: three original BattleDroid variants and another three unseen.


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