Saturday, 5 November 2011

Battlegames News

Henry over at Battlegames has announced that the magazine, and hence him, are having financial difficulties.

Read more at the link.

I did my bit today, buying a few back issues and a couple of PDFs. A small thing, but it is what I can afford right now. Feeling saddened by this news as I only just found the magazine in the last six months, and have enjoyed every issue.


  1. I echo your sadness, Battlegames is a great magazine in the spirit of Practical Wargamer etc. Whilst I like and buy WI, Battlegames was the ideal antidote to the WI "ooh shiny" approach to wargaming...

  2. As someone who has every issue (save #1, which I have in PDF format) sitting on my shelf, I feel your pain. In a world where wargame magazines were either 'catalogs with the price of a magazine' or 'what? You don't know anything about the War of Jenkin's Ear? you damn kids have no damn respect for damn history!' snobbery, BG was a refreshing voice that (at least in my fevered imagination) represented 'the rest of us' in the wargaming community.

  3. And Henry is such a nice chap too. Also, I wanted to write for the magazine, but this is a lost opportunity now.

  4. Hi Ashley!
    So i click over to Battlegames, because anything you're THIS passionate about must be pretty good.
    I was blown away.
    Henry has posted that there is a chance for a third party to step in...
    cross your fingers.

    -Steve Ronin

  5. All fingers crossed, as are toes etc. Henry is really nice, and if you haven't taken the time to listen to the View from the Veranda podcasts I suggest they are well worth one's time.

    It's available on iTunes, or here:

    If you prefer a different means of access.

  6. Aw ;O That's really a sad news ;((