Saturday, 26 November 2011


Still in the acquisition phase of my 10mm Vietnam gaming ambitions, which has meant a lot of inspirational thinking while the shiny toys mature in the their assigned shoebox.  However, I couldn't resist showing these lovely models off.

Also, when I was at Warfare last week, Leon at Pendraken reminded me that I promised him some riverine monitors, which I have the parts for, but not yet started work on.  Had to apologise profusely for my lack of intestinal fortitude, but I have a new job and I'm still in the probation period, which I am finding stressful.  Good intentions and all that really.


  1. Very nice, been thinking about going down the Vietnam route myself and will probably pick up the new FNG release from THW, not sure of the best scale; most likely 15mm.

  2. Ashley, great period to play. We have just started with Charlie Don't Surf at the club and the rules are really great. I play the Congs, much more interesting and challenging than the US forces

  3. I have some VC and US Army from RAFM's Charlie company line. Mostly used when I run Palladium's RECON RPG. I've got more than enough to run a small engagement. :)

  4. Just in case it wasn't clear these are 10mm not 15mm miniatures.

  5. What happens if male and female tanks from WWI are left to 'mature' together in the same shoebox - do you get bonus 'tankettes'?

    Enjoy the blog, keep on maturing the projects, and let us know how the players meet expectations