Wednesday, 1 June 2011

BattleTech Community

An announcement of sorts and link to same:

If you are reading this you are the BattleTech community. Paint it Pink out.


  1. Thanks for this Ashley. I'll be adding more to the blog this weekend.

  2. Good, good. Look forward to seeing what you do and my thanks to you for stepping into the breach on this one, as I know it will be a lot of work.

    Remember if you are reading this, you are the BattleTech community. Paint it Pink signing out.

  3. YAY Pink! My daughter's first mech was a hot pink Atlas. It would put the fear into her opponents. Back then I worked for FASA and Virtual World Entertainment opening the first Battletech Center in Chicago. During that time she got a lot of simulator time in piloting a Vulture as fire support for our strike team. Her first question was can they change the color to pink.

  4. And the answer is of course they can.


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