Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Newten Town 1 Paint 0


As promised here are the pictures of the the 10mm scale Fieldworks buildings that I bought at the Warfare show last weekend. I spent this afternoon cutting up some terrain boards and fiddling around placing the buildings down in a pattern that looked right to me.

Unlike my Mogadishu town, this time I was able to take what I've learnt from basing them on previously scenicked boards and come up with some rules for myself to keep the layout looking stylistically consistent.

As you can see from comparing these photos to the ones of the Fieldworks web site, I've broken apart the bombed out buildings so that I could fit them on my terrain boards as I wanted. This is quite easy to do, and if you do make a mistake, gluing these models back together with superglue is really easy to do. if anything it adds to the dishabille charm of the ensembly.


  1. Very nice terrain. I have two buildings from the 15mm range that I am working on as part of a large layout. It looks like you will have some fun gaming on these layout.

  2. Since posting these pictures I've been able to texture the bases and prime the buildings white. So it is all slowly moving onwards.

  3. Looking nice and consistent. Did you use plastic board or milliput for the walls?

  4. Everything you see in the photos above is from the Field Works buildings I bought, which are made in resin. All I did here was glue them down on boards, and in the process of doing this, rearranged the configurations of the ruined buildings.

    I'm in the process of working on the Newten town boards and will post pictures in due course.