Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mogadishu 2 Update


It has been a while since I posted any updates on my AK47 Republic armies and terrain, but today I started work on developing the downtown boards for the games I plan to play. I'm sure Martin B. will be pleased to see me post these. Wave Martin you are on my blog! To
give a sense of scale, here is a squad of my warlords militia and a couple of technicals too.

Part of what drove me to start on these is the fact that the Reading Warfare wargames show this coming weekend. I went last year and saw these Fieldworks building at the show, and the shame of having them sitting since I got them at Xmas was just too much to bear. After all, I can hardly ask for more if I haven't finished painting the last lot, can I?

Anyway, if all things go according to plan I'm off to Warfare again on Saturday, and I'm taking some cash with me (as they don't do plastic) to specifically buy some more of this companies excellent products.

I will say that these look even more impressive that I've now set them into their own boards. I originally made the my town boards generic tiles, which I just intended to place buildings on as needed for games, but the end result was not very convincing to me. Why, because one of the things that really bugs me (only one of the things, jeez who am I trying to kid) are buildings that are not bedded into the ground. It just doesn't look right to me.

I've also re-thought how I'm tiling my town. Originally I planned to make tiles that had ways to place them together to suggest roads etc. by just placing buildings in a rectangular pattern. My plan is now to set each building into a terrain board, and modelling any alleyways or roads as I feel fits best. A bit random, but I will also have central connection points on a lot of the boards, which can also act as links to create scenes that flow.


  1. They are great looking buildings.

  2. They are fantastic buildings. Some of them don't even exist anymore, which is a crying shame. I hope they bring them back.

  3. I spoke to the guy and his wife today at Warfare about the building that had been deleted. It seems that a lot of the larger building were getting broken in the mail. The larger the building the easier it is to break. Though the story of one parcel arriving shaped like a pyramid can't have helped.

    Anyway, plans are to release more 10mm building next and for him to have all the building available in both sizes.

    I also bought a bunch of the 10mm buildings at the show and will post pictures in due course.

  4. They look great. Looking forward to seeing them finished. Are you playing AK47 in 10mm ?? I thought it was 15mm.

    It makes me want to get some BHD Delta force ready to have fun in the Mog...

  5. No the 10mm buildings are for Battletech games, or Mud & Blood etc. These buildings are for use with my 15mm armies.