Friday, 5 November 2010

Getting Better

Yesterday I sat down in the afternoon at my workbench and actually did some model making, which is the first time I've done so in far too long a time. To be honest I didn't actually feel like doing anything, but I pushed myself to do something, as the alternative was to be sitting half asleep from exhaustion, and this would mean I'd not sleep well when I went to bed.

So what did I do?

Not a lot really. I cleaned up some weathered mechs and a couple of vehicles that have been sitting collecting dust. I tend to weather all my models quite heavily and then use a fibre-glass polishing brush to work the model back to clean. I like the result this produces, because it has that down and dirty worked in grime look that you get with industrial equipment left out in the open. Not to everybodies taste of course.

After finishing those, which took a couple of hours, I sorted through my parts box which is always nice as it tend to inspire me to start new projects. Actually that is not such a good thing at times, because I tend to finish up with lots of half completed projects all on the go at once. The upside is that I often complete a lot of projects all at the same time.

Then I reviewed the mechs that I have on my workbench that had also been gathering dust. I finally got around to breaking open an Inner Sphere Orion blister pack to pillage for parts for my Clan Orion, which I don't like the arms of. Found some parts that would make good AC10 autocannons for an unseen Rifleman I have sans arms. I also looked over my Tripod sculpt and fiddled around with it, and decided that it needs another round of Milliput application.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't really have it in me to be a sculptor, not that I can't sculpt, but rather that I get bored of the add putty, shape, then remove everything that doesn't look right as a modeling process. Speaking of this, I have two mechs that I'd forgotten about, and Archer and Phoenix Hawk, rebuild/resculpts that I then spent some time assessing where do I go next?

For the Archer I ended up cutting off both legs and splitting the torso, which is definitely a two steps backs moment. For the Phoenix Hawk I removed the booster pod that I'm modding to look like the Macross Valkyrie Strike variant, as I want to make the gun rotate, which will be an interesting little project.

So actually, on reflection I did do rather a lot, even if it felt like I didn't achieve much. Just have to take some photos now for my workbench threads on BTU and the CBT forums.

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