Sunday, 16 May 2010

Militia & Technicals Part Deux

Not only technicals, but the two Company's of militia to go with my Somalian regulars too.

First off are the Toyota conversions I did. Both have the rear gate dropped down, as Martin of Peter Pig suggested that this was quite a common sight to see. In addition to the gate in the down position, I ordered some spare wheels from him and added those against the outside rear wall of the cab. I've seen this done, and I liked the look.

Finally, for the right hand pick up, I added double wheels at the back and sculpted wide wheel arches for it. This might be a bit too technical for an African Technical, but it is a common conversion when you want to put large payloads in the back of your pick-up, or pull loads. If I'm lucky someone may send me a link to a picture of something similar?

The Mercedes is for the Taxi I need for my Blackhawk down scenario, and as you can see I've not only primed it and the Technicals, but dry-brushed them ready for the main body colours to be applied.

One of the Technical's is going to be painted grey with red doors, while the other is going to have a three colour small round splodges scheme applied. The taxi will be white and blue I think? Not sure, might go for silver?

Above is the mostly fully organised 1st Company of my militia, though I'm missing two RPG and one general AK47 armed infantry stands to complete the unit.

I've bought all the figures for the above units, but have not as yet had time to sort them out, clean them up, base, texture and prime. I plan on just getting the 1st Company complete and start painting that, and catch up later with the 2nd Company in due course.

I also bought another two Peter Pig Toyota's at Salute to use as the basis for an extended crew cab version. The spare parts will go into making a cow drawn rear half, based on a photos I have of such a vehicle in Africa.

After that I have two Gaz jeeps for recoiless rocket launcher technical's.

Once I get all that lot done then I can start painting on the USMC Company I have.

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  1. Hi Ashley, nice to see your blog. Keep up the good work.