Friday, 7 May 2010

Mud and Blood WW1 WIP 2


Like most well laid plans of mice and men, my intention to use my
booked annual leave to paint some of the projects that have been waiting for me to get stuck into finishing them off, didn't go according to plan. However I am still able to show some progress on the remainder of the figures I have to paint to mostly finish my Pendraken WW1 British infantry Company.

In support I plan to have an HMG section, a battery of field artillery, and some mortars. The figures in front of the beginnings of the support forces are the individually mounted "Big Men" required for TFLs Through the Mud & the Blood rules.

As I mentioned before I also have some MkV tanks and some additional assets to add to the as yet unstarted French Company I've bought. Being the butterfly that I am I tend to flit from one shiney project to another, but OTOH I do enjoy what I end up doing.

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