Sunday, 28 March 2010



Many years ago I use to write wargame articles for a living, sort of anyway, as I mostly made my living by doing other stuff to pay the bills as such. Such is the glamorous life of a wargame author! I also wrote for club zines too, and I did a very long piece on the Daleks for Ragnarok, the magazine of the SF&SFW. Anyway, Daleks scared me as a child and fascinated me as a teenager and about 20 years ago I was given a bunch of 15mm castings of Daleks and Cybermen that were leftovers that had been produced for a demo game.

Foolishly I passed on the Cybermen, and again decided foolishly that I didn't need all the Daleks I had either. Oh how I regret that decision. Give them to me, give them all to me my preciouses. Anyway, I've recently been refurbishing my old figures, and I decided to re-base my 15mm Daleks and re-varnish them too, after touching up the odd chip of paint at the same time.

I had to convert a standard Dalek casting into a Golden Emperor, which is based on the TV21 comic series that I bought the reprint collection of a few years ago. The colours are again inspired by both the comic and the TV series. Now that they are all based I hope to be using them for games again at some point in the future.


  1. Nummy. The Golden Emperor never showed up in the show? Man, I've got to get a DVD collection sometime... also: Second Empire webcomic, it makes a bunch of references to old sci-fi and I'm getting only half of 'em. Dunno if you want webcomics on your daily rotation, and have no idea how it compares to the TV21 series.

  2. I surely do watch web comics and the Second Empire Series is a lot of fun. The TV21 series was aimed at a younger, less sophisticated audience than Second Empire, which is squarely aimed at old time fans.