Monday, 15 March 2010

Butterfly's & Ants

I have more on my plate at the moment than I can readily finish in a weekends worth of painting. Kind of stating the obvious, as most people who play wargames and paint miniatures have stuff hoarded away in handy shoe boxes. Heck I know that I have, but I'm not going to go into my shoebox collection now, as we all know that as long as you have lead figures to paint things are well with the world.

I spent the weekend painting. Two marathon stints of 7 hours each, and I still didn't quite finish the 80 odd figures that I worked on, and this wasn't the first weekend working on them either. I'm painting some 15 infantry, and I've not painted any 15mm figures in a long time. So it has been a bit of a learning curve, as I try to remember the right order to paint colours in, the correct techniques for the required finish, and practice some new techniques I've read about too.

Anyway, not ready to show any pictures yet. You will all have to be patient for a bit longer. However, when I was reflecting on my progress at the weekend, this morning before dragging my weary corpse to work, I did realise that I have a total of 16 trays of figures in progress. So I suppose it only goes to show that I'm a bit of a butterfly that flits from one pretty shiney thing to another. Rather than a more industrious ant who would stay the course until the job was done.


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