Saturday, 6 March 2010

335th Regimental Battlegroup Retrieved


Breaking news is that we can now reveal that the 335th Regimental Battlegroup, lost during orbital insertion on the planet Gainsborough at drop point Whiskey Hotel Sierra, were located by a special forces recon unit today. The 335th were brought to Gainsborough on transport units from Task Force USPS.

The orbital drop point co-ordinates were corrupted by enemy operatives from the PFDS, a breakaway ComStar faction whose aim is to disrupt interstellar communications. Though the agents have not yet been apprehended by our forces a spokesperson for the Gainsborough Ministry of Defense has said that all means necessary will be brought to bear upon the instigators of this damaging action by enemy saboteurs.

Though casualties were suffered during the drop as the 335th were expecting to land at a prepared landing site, they are minimal, and will not affect the combat effectiveness of the command.

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