Thursday 4 April 2024

Seafoam Branches

The box of seafoam arrived, and I made up two bases with five trees. I used E6000 Plus to glue the seafoam pieces to the branches. The trees didn't turn out as well as I wanted, because I had to cut the seafoam into very small branches to get them to not drop off while the glue set.

Starting again, I did another two bases with eight trees.

This time I used spray impact adhesive. This was much better for attaching the seafoam to the branches, but was both smelly and messy. So, while this batch were better, after flocking the trees still weren't working for me.

So I stripped the trees bare, managing to salvage four trees (three seen here), and started again.

I used a hot glue gun this time round, and while the glue doesn't grab as well as the impact adhesive, and can create strings, it is the least worst option for me in a small flat that I don't want to stink out.

So, after a lot of faffing finding the best method to glue the seafoam to the trunks.

Here is as far as I've got. Next I will flock and spray the foliage green. This project has totally kicked my ass.


  1. I can understand the frustration, but wow those look terrific. Great additions!

    1. The goal is that these will serve a dual purpose as forests when on their bases, and as woodland when placed singly.

  2. Looks good. Once flocked will look awesome. I've not made anything like this, but it seems to me that it's an excellent way to add height to a scene without obscuring sightlines the way a building would.

    1. Yeah, you got my intent. Jungles/forest need to have the height, while still being able to see the miniatures through the foliage. Also, the reason for making the trees on sub-bases so they can be removed as necessary for play.

  3. I'm very happy to see you're still hyper creative. as for flocking, I've done the bag method which seems to be less PitA than other methods.
    * Get a large 2L+ resealable plastic bag and fill partially with flocking.
    * Take your chosen tree test subjects (aka victims) & spray them with contact adhesive.
    * While the adhesive is still damp, place the victims in the flocking bags, seal the bags, and give them a good shaking.
    * wait a few moments for the adhesive to solidify, then remove victims from flocking bag. Allow to air dry for abt 20 minutes.
    * obtain another resealable bag & place flocked victim into the bag.
    * Shake savagely. This should allow any flocking with poor adhesion to fall away & be recaptured for future use.
    * remove victim, allow to fully dry. Victim should hopefully look like a tree in full bloom.
    Paint something & Stay Safe Over There.
    -steve ronin,

    1. I shall experiment on a single victim to try this out.

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