Tuesday 15 November 2022

One Step Back

Woe is me. I varnished my current models yesterday, ready to apply the decals, and dropped them. Clumsiness of old age

Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace. Grace had dirt upon her face.

So, I let the varnish dry before assessing what damage had been done. Examination of the miniature revealed a crack in one torso piece.

Lucky it was just the one model, but damnation, I didn't need this.

That'll learn me... I guess.

So superglue applied, now all I need to do is file the surface smooth and refinish. I may be some time...



  1. Well it could have been worse and was (relatively) easily repaired.
    I recommend a generous gin and tonic to help restore one's own measure :-)

    1. With ice and a slice... that'll do it, but I can't drink until I've fixed the crack, otherwise I might make things worse...