Monday, 17 January 2022

OMWB: New Year: New Figures


 Bugs Mr Rico. Lots of bugs.

These are still a work in progress. The big mother bioweapon I had to strip and redo, but the models below only need a little more work to finish.


These figures are the Entomal aka Stikk aliens from Khurasan.

They are beautiful castings with enough variety of poses, but with reasonably consistent weapons and battle rattle to satisfy my needs.

Spoilers, these are the models I will be using as aliens in Big Little Wars, which have yet to appear in any novel.



  1. These look dangerous and that's some tricky looking terrain they are crossing. It's good to see your blog enter the New Year. I hope it's a good one for you and all your readers,

    1. Thank you. Entering a New Year is definitely not a given, but I'm still here. Still making and painting models. It's good to be alive.

  2. Hmm... maybe adding of couple more sources of light could make it more... clear.

    1. These are just quick snaps. Better pictures will follow when they are finished.

  3. Nicely Gruesome, Ashley.

    Doubtless they are after our water, cattle, blood, babies and anything else not bolted down. Have you seen the new Anglo-French War of the Worlds (on Netflix, I think)?

    Regards, Chris.

    1. Thanks Chris. What they're after is nothing so mundane. That might be considered a spoiler.

      We did watch the series, which was both interesting and sometimes infuriating. We like the robot dogs. The spaceships were cool too.

      My one big complaint is that when Bill discovered that Chloe's DNA was compatible with the invaders the writers gave him the idiot ball. But, in series three I imagine they will travel back in time, and it will be as if nothing ever happened, or something.

      That's what you get when you have writers who aren't science literate or understand the genre.

    2. \\That's what you get when you have writers who aren't science literate or understand the genre.

      Exactly what Stanislav Lem was about.ław_Lem%27s_fictitious_criticism_of_nonexistent_books#Imaginary_Magnitude

      At first he devised topic(s) about what real scifi should be.
      And that's from Fermi Paradox to (self)evolution of a Mankind, through all kinds of moral and technological and phylosophical issues.
      And then, through all his works he was using it as a base for plot ideas.

      Well, most probably you will not find it too good, too easy to read. Too much provocation of a thought. Too much self-consuming arrogance.
      As in your humble(?) guest too. :)
      But that is good piece of knowledge, worthy of being mentioned, worthy of knowing exist, if not studing.