Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Ready for Painting


I've finally finished the running pose that has taken me a long time to complete. I think the conversion of this CAS-3 Mod 1 Ape has come out looking pretty good. Head, torso and arms are magnetized and are moveable/removable to change the models pose or weapon loadout.

Below are two shots showing the other side.

And here's the previous conversion now completed, ready to paint. Again the head, torso and arms are magnetized allowing me to change the models appearance.

And again, the picture below shows the other side of the finished model.

I'll be painting both, just as soon as I've cleared the workbench of the models sitting on it, whose conversions are still ongoing works in progress, clogging up my space.

It is the way.


  1. Hello there Ashley,

    That is a big chunk metal for sure! It looks very imposing - any thoughts on the colour scheme?

    All the best,


    1. It's going to be painted like my other American conversions.

      Yes, I'm making an army!

  2. I like the extra bits. Where did you get the ammo belt?

    1. It's made by cutting a strip from a computer ribbon cable. If you need more details, email me.