Monday, 12 April 2021

Insurgent Improvised Mecha: Obsolete


I was just sorting out some Heavy Gear miniatures to send a friend, rummaging around in my spares box, but a moment of m̶a̶d̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ inspiration overtook me and I made some insurgent Improvised Power Armor, inspired by the anime show called, Obsolete.

Having made them I needed a name. So I ran a thread on Facebook that generated the  following list of names:

Ambul Haters
ATSW: All Terrain Support Weapon. Mutated to the nickname, "Ant"
Battle Choppers
CKT-M4A "Cricket"DRGW-21, "Dragoon Walker" perfect dragoons, riding those steeds
Heavy Weapons Tactical Mobility Units better known as "Stompin' Ostriches" or "Stompies"
Highly Improvised Mobility Battle Объект
Islagiatt: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.
JICP: Jupiter Industrial Complex Pattern TKY-974 Storm Walkers though more commonly known to the troops as "Turkey Wankers" for how vulnerable they are to enemy fire. Designed by Herbert Bingle. Although being a well regarded engineer will never admit that the idea come around XMas.
Locust LCT-3A: Light Cavalry Transports
Marcher: MG units
Prairie Cat
Tripp(a)ers: Tactical Response Improvised Plantigrade Pod (Armor ) E R

With so many names to choose from I ended up making a poll:

Gunstriders finished first with 30 points; twice the votes of the next closest contender, the ATSW Ant with 15 points, which was three times more than HWTMU Ostrich/Stompies with 5 points. So Gunstriders will be the official name in the upcoming Bad Dog rules.

And to finish, today's post, I found this picture of the game banner for OHMU War Machine, which you can read a review of on Board Game Geek.

That's all folks. Catch you on the bounce!


  1. Replies
    1. Don't fret, I'm stealing it for one of the next conversions I do. There's still more to come.

  2. Not to be a debbie downer but gunstrider sounds either too anime-ish or alternately steam/diesel-punk for me for some reason. Your stuff has always seemed a bit more grounded than any of those. Are these power armors official military designs or are they more like the mech versions of modern day technicals?

    1. The mech versions of technicals.

      They'll be industrial robots made by Toyota like company that have been converted as their AI allows the machine to negotiate obstacles and takes verbal commands from the pilot.

      They're for third world insurgencies. Hence, Improvised Power Armor.

  3. IMprovised Power Suit... IMPS? Anthropomorphic or Anthropoid Technical... A-Techs or Anthrotechs?

    1. Gunstriders is their nickname. I'm still noodling the world building aspect.

      I'm thinking Nakamura Robotics product; SDR – Search and Deliver, Robobots, which then generates Striders; add guns then equals Gunstriders.

      How's that?

  4. That works. I figured I'd just spitball an alternative. :)

  5. Sure. I'm also procrastinating over whether or not I need a different name for the Bad Dog rules? Any ideas will be welcome, though not necessarily guaranteed to be acted on. ;-)