Wednesday, 12 February 2020

A Work in Progress: One Step Back

As I said last time, I found that I had bent the barrel and I would replace it with one made out of tubes, which is easier to say than do, as it took far longer than I thought it would. I also discovered that the missile mounting bracket was also easily bent and therefore needed replacing too.

A task that required me to disassemble the model, though it allowed me to rebuild both brackets.

And while I was at it, I rebuilt the bracket mounting the barrel as it stood too high for the look I wanted. Oh, and I then cut and repositioned the left leg to alter the pose.

Next it was Milliputting Time! Think Hammer time, but less flashy.

And so now here she is, in all her glory, but still missing a flashy aerial to match the look of Reeman's command Scopedog. And I need to drill out the missile pod too.

And because size matters, here's a comparison shot to finish.

New Dog standing between my original conversion and Ferretti's Buster conversion, with two 15mm Clear Horizon Epsilon squad exoskeleton figures.

And that's all for now..


  1. Looking good! Will you be gluing down the field gun on the back or letting it swivel for in-game dramatic effect? :)

    1. Both it and the missile pod will both swivel; subject to paint etc.

      Action figures are go!