Friday 14 June 2019

CASDA 5136

Still work in progress; Espera, Downey, and Nguyen's APE suits.

Combat Armor Suit Detachment Alpha 5136
Captain Anthony Downey, detachment commander
Master Sergeant Campbell, operations and team sergeant
Staff Sergeant Morales, combat engineer
Sergeant Mary Lewis, communications
Sergeant Schmidt, medical
Sergeant First Class Frank Radoslovich, weapons

Chief Warrant Officer 1 Andrew McAdams, assistant detachment commander
Sergeant First Class Thomas Nguyen, assistant operations and intelligence
Staff Sergeant Julia King, combat engineer
Sergeant Miguel Sanchez, communications
Sergeant Daniel Robinson, medical
Staff Sergeant Juan Espera, weapons.

CASDA 5136, Combat Armor Suit Detachment Alpha, is my Green Beret Special Forces unit that appears in my second novel Strike Dog. As I was writing this piece up, I realized when I described CASDA 5136 in the book, that I had created a force that was doctrinally different to the Marine Corps Dogs.

I was just writing a cool action sequence for a character in a combat armour suit. But on reflection, it's clear to see that by describing the weapon loadouts I created a force that was functionally different to the one I described in Bad Dog.

That is what I would call, creatively serendipitous.

NB: Espera is the heavy weapons specialist, hence he carries the big recoilless rifle. Though fat lot of good it does him, but to say more would be spoilers.



  1. Nicely done! Glad to see you're feeling well enough again to paint.

    1. I'm trying to get these finished, but trying seems to be the operative word!

  2. you've kinda inspired me to flesh out and maybe do something with my 10 year old VOTOMS/HG mecha home brew setting i been working over. It take place in the 2170sa few decades after the world is recovering from a ~40 year long "black out" when the abilty to generate fusion power was lost wich 90% of the world relied on. This caused the world goverment to shift into closely knit political blocs to wether the black out and recover. and in this post black out world these power blocs begin various conflicts over the remaining way to generate power. In 2137 a expantionist empire based on old germanic and roman influences stars to a "new riech" uses a new hybrid weapon system crossing powered armor with old war striders makeing the legonaire (a votoms/hg style machine) the worlds first M.E.C.H.A. (mechanized Empowered Combat Humanoid Armor) (got to have mech acronyms right =p) and the setting wich i play out on tabletop with minture from various games i use the CAV ruleset but use most HG models but with some overlap in other lines. and kit bash my own mecha types simaler to you. i am wanting to put my setting to written from but am a horrable writer so got some work to do i guess. how long were you working on world building before you decided to share it with the world?

    1. I've been working on my Gate Walker universe for seven years now.

      It took me a year to write the first draft of my trilogy, and I generated ideas as I went along. Then about three years to learn how to write a decent story as I knocked my stories into shape.

      Please feel free to email me using the contact form if you wish to discuss this more. Or post here, either way works for me.

    2. PS: If you've not checked it out, I've kept a writing blog here:

      Lots of stuff recording my progress with creating my own mecha universe.