Wednesday 1 May 2019

Sharpe Watching


Still not been doing a lot of model making, because it makes my hands play up after a session, and I need to be able to write, which is not helped when I'm in pain.

However, I have done a little. In this case, modifying the barrel of the over-the-shoulder mount for one of my combat armour suits. I just need to do some painting to get it presentable.

So you can see we've rewatched the Sharpe TV series. The stories rollick along, and are good inspiration for ideas for my writing. Besides, Sean Bean is easy on the eye.

Napoleonics is so not my period. But, I will readily admit to really enjoying playing the game of Sharpe Practice from Too Fat Lardies.


  1. Isn't that about the only programme he doesn't get killed in?

    1. Roy of the Rovers, and Jupiter Ascending is another. But yeah. He gets killed a lot.

    2. Not Roy of the Rovers, but the film When Saturday Comes. About football. My confusion.

  2. I love what they achieve with three soldiers and a donkey...okay I exaggerate, but it was hardly big budget stuff 😁

    If it’s your thing, John Tams (Hagman) is an excellent folk singer and a really nice chap, who enjoys a natter and a glass of white wine during the interval of his set.

  3. I've seen clips of it on YouTube and heard good things but never watched it. I'm not sure if it's available on Netflix or Amazon prime in the US. I suppose it's a good thing he never told the French before they went east that winter is coming. :)