Thursday, 1 March 2018

Visigoth Tank WIP

Taken with my Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 Pro, at 7mm, F8, 1.3 secs, ISO 200. Crop from 64 megapixel Hi-Res shot.

This Visigoth tank from Dream Pod 9 is humongous, so much so that in my mind it better fits my 15mm Heavy Gear force than their 12mm line. It's so large it would have to be a giant Ogre style cybertank otherwise.

So, primed and first colour blocked out.

One step closer, which is going to be my mantra for this years work: one step at a time takes you one step closer to completion.

And, just so people can see how large this tank is, here it is with a squad of 15mm figures.



  1. Replies
    1. I think it goes well with the 15mm infantry.

  2. I actually like the size of the current tanks compared with the gears. YMMV. If you want something smaller then you might be interested in the older "tactical" line of the same tanks that were sculpted in between the RAFM and later Blitz scales.

    1. This Visigoth is going to be used with my RAFM Gears and 15mm infantry, because to my eye it looks right, but as you say, YMMV.

      I'm a bit of a stickler for scale, and the cavalier attitude of wargamers when it comes to size, which I get, as it's a choice. Besides, at the end of the day, it's all playing with toy soldiers.

    2. I've always pictured the Visigoth as an impractical superheavy tank ala the T28/T95 in World War 2 moreso than a practical "normal" tank. It's been years so I don't recall off hand but I might go check the dimensions in the RPG book to see whether it's scaled according to the original intent or not. In any case, it's the visuals that matter the most and it's absolutely your decision to use them how you want. If you have or ever get a strider though (another big HG RAFM lot is on ebay right now with them), the difference will be stark IIRC.

  3. FWIW, the Visigoth in the original 1st edition RPG fluff is 8.2m long so at the nominal scale of 1/144 should be 5.7cm as a miniature.

    1. I make that 54mm long, assuming 2mm to the foot, but I'm not going to argue over 3mm.

      Depending on how you measure the model: hull length, or total length including turret bustle; then this model measure 73mm.

      Roughly 35% bigger than it should be, which funnily enough puts it in the right ballpark for 1/100th come 15mm 'wargame' scale. That's a joke BTW. ;-)

    2. I just measured my Visigoth and I'm getting different numbers on both variables but regardless it came out too big (almost 20% in my case). You were definitely correct though that it's oversized and it would indeed go better with 15mm scale. Good eyes there! :)


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