Thursday 15 March 2018

Regroup – Now Available


Now ready for sale, Regroup the second story in The World of Drei series is now available.


Trapped behind enemy lines when the enemy overran their command post, Sergeant Volkova and the wounded Captain Lenkov face a march across a frozen land. With limited supplies, their situation is dire.

The second story of a future Russian civil war set in the World of Drei universe, "Regroup" tells the story of human courage against all odds.

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Important Note: If you already have older copies in this series, I've updated the text and covers. If you wish to have the new version, go to your digital library, there you will see on the far right side of the screen, opposite books that have been updated, a button that says "Newer version available."


  1. I just ordered a hard copy of Bad Dog, trying to catch up!

  2. Indeed! Ashley's output is quite prolific. I'm behind as well and need to get off my lazy butt and get me an amazon gift card to make a purchase.

  3. Hi everyone. Be advized, two different series.

    Bad Dog: Gate Walkers – full blown novel, sequel out at the end of March.

    World of Drei series – starts with a short story, and now has two novelettes, with a third in the works.

    I dont' want any disappointed readers thinking they're getting more Tachikoma combat armor action, when they're getting giant cybertank action.

    PS: Susan has started calling the cybertank "Bob," don't ask.