Thursday, 7 December 2017

Chinese ZTZ-169C

As you can all guess, with Terror Tree now out, tanks, especially large tanks, have been on my mind.

These are old Ral Partha Demolisher tanks from the original FASA BattleTech miniatures range.  Back in the day, when I was young, I bought one, which despite my best efforts to shed stuff over the years I still have.  It's the one at the back.

Over the past few years I acquired two more, which were originally bought to be turned into cybertanks for Ogre/GEV.  But I have a shed ton of Ogre cybertanks, so they've become surplus to requirements.

Since then, I've been of two minds about what to do with them. 

As a BattleTech tank, it really is way too big to use, if you agree that the battlemech models are accurate 1/300th scale representations.  If on the other hand, like me, you're in the habit of using the Dark Age Mech Warrior infantry for your BattleTech games, because they look better, then these Demolishers do look the business.

They would also make a reasonable 15mm, nominal 1/100th scale tanks too.  So, decisions, decisions.

After much thought, I've decided to use them as part of my ongoing Bad Dog project, as I want some tank to support my Chinese All Terrain Suits, and I've given them the designation ZTZ-169C.  I think that the Demolisher looks pretty good next to these Chinese All Terrain Suits I made.  Big without being too big, and one can rationalize the treads as independent electric drive units.

So time to strip the two partly painted models and reassemble them.


  1. I think it suffers a bit from "if one gun is cool, two must be cooler" (then again, that's hardly unique in Battletech) but I've always liked the massive low-profile turret.

    1. I agree, and I'm mulling over barreldectomy options. ;-)

  2. One barrel for matter, one barrel for anti-matter? :-D

    Also, I've got to say, I love how all things become Bad Dog.

    1. Anyone might think that I was a little obsessed about my universe. Don't know why? ;-)

  3. It is what it is. I guess you shouldn't be worried about tanks that are ten times the size of modern tanks if you can have giant stompy mechs. :) I have to say they do look more like something for near future 15mm.

    1. Mechs in Bad Dog are not that stompy, as in they're plausible for certain definitions of plausible. I see them, use them, as a specific answer to a problem of providing armoured support, for example, when fighting in a built up area.

      Arguably, said reasons for making mechs worth fielding i.e: technological developments in sensor feedback, and situational awareness aids, could be applied to conventional tracked vehicles. But where's the fun in that!

      And walking tanks are still far more plausible than grav/hover tanks. In the real world that role is filled by airplanes and helicopters, and there's a good reason why you can't put as much armour on one as a main battle tank carries.

      OTOH: I do accept that mechs won't be carrying as much armour as tanks too. But, there is a niche they could fill, and one that might come around given human nature e.g: look, shiny new toy!

  4. In case you don't want to scratch built it, the Visigoth HG southern tank has a double barrelled flak turret variant whose bits you may be able to use although I have no idea about the relative scale to your tanks. Obviously the price is high (even before factoring in international shipping) but maybe you can find it locally in the clearance bin. Besides the full tank kit, they used to sell a visigoth upgrade blister that had that plus a bunch of spaced armor and stowage for a lower price.

    1. That's an option worth looking at. Cheers for the link.


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