Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas Dr Who


Capaldi got a great send off with this year's Dr Who Christmas Special. Hard to fault really, unless one is a pedant, outraged geek or nerd, or one of the ill-informed, snobbish, literary elite that writes reviews. I can forgive pedants, I understand geeks and nerds, but those who look down their noses at SF as inferior, can all go swivel.

Looking forward to seeing what Jodie Whittaker brings to the show, but she's not the 13th Doctor regardless of what reviewers say. Whittaker is the 14th Doctor: Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker, Davidson, the other Baker, McCoy, McGann, Hurt, Eccleston, Tennant, Smith, Capaldi, and Whittaker.

And if you say Hurt was the War Doctor, I will say that this Christmas Special put that one to rest, with the allusion to all of them being the War Doctor, because the Doctor is the one who goes and tends to wars. So, it still adds up to 14. 

Count them, 14. Outraged I tell you, outraged! Of course, this only matters to the geeks and nerds.



  1. I hope the show improves with its new incarnation. I won't know for a while though as I watch it streaming a year after the fact since I don't get the BBC with my cable package. It just feels like it's been on a slow and steady decline (albeit with some good episodes/arc sprinkled here and there) since the Tennant era.

    1. When it was good it was very good, when it wasn't it was a bit dull. Capaldi however, always shined.

    2. I haven't been a fan of him. Instead of nuanced or justified character development, it felt to me like he just just jumped from grouchy super serious to goofball seemingly overnight. I haven't watched the post-Clara episodes yet so don't know if the writers flipped him further. YMMV.

  2. I think the problem is Calpaldi compounded by Moffats awful scripts. It may improve, but I think the show has lost a lot of viewers. We have not really watched it for a couple of years at least in this household.

    1. I liked Capaldi, though I acknowledge he wasn't to everyone's taste.

      As for viewers, make good shows and word of mouth will bring them back.


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