Friday, 18 August 2017

Gencon BattleTech


Over on the BattleTech Facebook page there is announcement about new products from Catalyst Games.  I pulled these four pictures from their post to spread the word.  The one above shows the new box set that will have eight mechs; new plastic designs.  What is of interest to me is the return of William H. Keith to the BattleTech fold with fiction by him called the Golden Rule.

Colour me impressed, as he's my favourite BattleTech author because he had a vision of the universe that resonated with me.  In fact at one point I seriously thought about writing a fan fiction novel based on his Gray Death trilogy, but based from the other side, seeing the story through the eyes of Duke Ricol and his subordinates.

You can read a scene I wrote here.

The back of the box lists the contents.

Next up is a beginners box set with only two mechs at slightly less that half the price of the big box.

I think this is a pretty astute marketing move as $60 is a pretty big chunk of change to slap down for a game.

And the last shot is of the contents.

I'm not quite sure where I stand on buying these for myself, because truly I have more mechs stacked away for a rainy day than you can shake a big stick at.  But I hope I can get a copy of the fiction book, because I'm a big fan of Keith's writing.


  1. I notice that they do the thing where the contents of the smaller box i slightly different from the big box -- it contains the Griffin and Wolverine, of which the Griffin isn't in the big box. I assume they hope die hards will buy both boxes.

    1. In their dreams...

      The plastic mechs don't really interest me.

      Though the excitement this generates may make me unpack some mechs to paint, but given I haven't finished all the mecha models currently on my workbench, this may take some time.

  2. Glad to see CBT fans getting their itch scratched. Is this the final result of the "new" starter set that was previewed a couple years back?

    1. Looks like, but I don't keep abreast of the forums anymore due to there being far too much stuff to sift through to get actual information.