Friday, 11 August 2017

On My Work Bench

When I'm not out shooting pointy sticks at round things (you've seen the post on archery I did earlier) I've been using Milliput to make a new part for my RAFM Cheetah.  While waiting for the Milliput to harden I thought to distract myself with something else, as I just wanted to sit at my bench and fiddle with stuff. 

I could've done some painting, but conditions are not ideal as the summer heat makes the paint dry faster, which I find rather annoying.  My excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Anyway, I delved into my stash of Heavy Gear miniatures, and sorted out all the pieces to convert them into combat armour for use in my own Bad Dog universe setting.  So, the above picture shows two combat armour suits nearly finished being assembles, and five more with all the parts sorted out for me to proceed to the next stage.

It was fun, even if it was a distraction from finishing other projects.  A wargamers curse of unfinished projects that build up from being distracted by shiny things.


  1. Are those from the current scale metal minis? The extra armor on the torsos makes me think they might be. Also, why is paint drying faster annoying? I've found it helpful in that I can return to a part quicker to do an additional layer or a highlight color. I suppose it drying early on the palatte would be an issue though.

    1. With it being hot in the flat, and working under spot-lamps, I find my paint drying on the palette, which given how loose I paint is a hindrance to blending colours on the model. Plus I sweat, which is also annoying.

      And yes, those are the current scale models, which I can alter to my hearts content without upsetting HG grognards by converting collectible RAFM models into 'weird' versions of my own design. I'm considerate like that; not really, just kidding as I may well do conversions on some of my RAFM collection.