Friday, 5 May 2017

RAFM Even More Reinforcements

And just when you think you have enough, along comes the chance to buy more!  I couldn't resist these, especially as the bundle included spare weapon packs, which will mean I can play about with the weapon loadouts on my collection of Heavy Gears.

What's interesting, and therefore exciting, is the options this opens up to me when I assemble the next batch of Gears.  And, furthermore once I've taken a picture of it, I have one broken bazooka that has snapped in half, which is not something you see everyday.  Still, it has got me thinking about repairing it and making it into large missile launchers.

Beside that there's the two tanks, which means that I now have tanks for both my Northern Guard and Southern Milicia forces too.  Given that I didn't go to Salute again this year, this and the other eBay haul have salved my need to spend money on wargaming paraphernalia.



  1. Glad you got them! The tanks are probably some of the rarest of the bunch in my limited experience. I don't recall but are the tanks from both polar factions in that lot?

    The weapons packs are also a big boon opening up variants potentially that were impossible before.

    1. Me too, it was a close run thing. There are two Northern Guard tanks, no Huns.

  2. These tanks are going to provide a nice change once you've painted a score of gears 😁.
    Nice catch!