Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Team Yankee


My friend Graham Worsfield has been talking about Team Yankee and his Chieftan tanks.  For me 15mm WW3 games are out of the question given I only have a 40 x 45 inch table.  It would be hard enough to have large games fighting over the Fulda Gap in 1/300th, let alone 15mm.

I only mention this in passing, not because I'm getting into the game, but rather taking advantage of the plastic tanks they're doing.  In particular the Abrams and T72s.  My AK47R project has been languishing unloved in a box going nowhere for a number of years, six to be precise.  This was down to me becoming dissatisfied with the basing conventions of the game, which meant every thing ground to a halt and then I saw some thing else that was shiny.

However, given some recent navel gazing, pondering on wargame scales and toy soldiers – all very deep and meaningful stuff I can assure you – I'm feeling a bit more love for my 15mm lead pile.  So this is me planning, plotting and preparing for when TooFat Lardies release Fighting Season, which I intend to use as the basis for Mogadishu inspired games.


  1. These new miniatures have many of us rethinking modern and Cold War battles. For me it is the Middle East.

    As for doing Fulda, go with 3mm by O8 (Pico Armor in the US). Better than most 6 & 10mm.

    If interested I can send you either pics or samples.

    1. Pics would be good. I really don't have the timet o get into another scale and period at the moment.

  2. Great book and fun genre - but I agree that 15mm doesnt work for it well. 6mm or smaller looks much better IMHO

    1. If I were keen, and had friends who were keen to do WW3, I'd definitely be going down the 3mm route because the Pico Armor range is lovely.

  3. There are loads of people doing TY in 6mm for that very reason. It seems to have kicked off a real renaissance in the modern scale.

    1. Understandable, who could resist buying GHQ?


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