Saturday 20 December 2014

Heavy Gear Jager versus Takara 1/144th VOTOMS: Size Comparison

The Jager is shorter, but bulkier than the Takara Rabid-Dog and Blood-Dog.

Well my parcel arrive from Dream Pod 9.  I'd ordered some Utopian faction Golems, and a support Armiger with drones, a Southern Jager, and assorted weapons.  Everything but the Jager and weapons went under the Xmas tree as a present, but was so excited I had to start assembling the Jager, and thought it would be good to show a size comparison picture of the Jager with my Takara microscale F144 VOTOMS.

Primed white and given a black wash.

What I find attractive about the Heavy Gear models is the number of different guns and missile packs that one can choose from.  While I was working on this I realized what my nagging doubts were really all about when I posted here.  My VOTOMS are lovely, but they will always be VOTOMS and what I want to do is build a force based on my Bad Dog universe background, and I think the Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear mechs will make a good platform for me to customize models to represent the vehicles in my stories.

I know this is incredibly sad – author making models of the mechs in her own novels, but at least I can point any cover artist in the right direction about what a CASE-2X looks like.  Having had this epiphany I can now move on and pretend I'm somewhat normal and not totally obsessed with the wild imaginations of my mind.


  1. It looks quite menacing. Don't pretend to be normal, please, you're far too interesting to be normal. :)

  2. Of course you need to do this! Who else is going to get it right?

    Remarkable how different the sample item looks with that relatively low level of preparation.

    1. I've gone back to the drawing board on this project, because I dropped and broke the model at the waist (my fault as I didn't pin it as I thought wrongly that the big ball joint was up to the task). I'm planning on an order of further parts from Dream Pod 9 so that I can mix and match bitsto get the right look.