Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dragonmeet 2014: Escalation


The last official MIB demo game of Ogre/GEV with miniatures at Dragonmeet.  I wore my Steve Jackson fluorescent orange and green Ogre T-shirt for the occasion.  The scenario was one of my own devising, and was designed to be unbalanced so that a new player would have a better chance of winning.

More miniatures than you can shake a big stick at.  KR Multicase FTW.

I managed to run three games during the day.  The show was packed and very busy, and quite frankly as I was running the games on my own three was all I could manage.  I actually adjusted the force composition you can see above before the second game started to give me three GEV-PC carriers to move my troops around to bolster my limited force.  I woke up today quite hoarse, and was told I sounded sultry by my partner.

Ian was the first winner, seen here pleased at destroying two of my three command posts.  The other was a GEV-MCP, which can be seen running away.

Justin won the second game, and was a really good sport for posing for this photo.  Again I was forced to retreat my GEV-MCP off the board and concede the game.  I shall be writing up this scenario with notes for a future issue of Miniature Wargames & Battlegames magazine with lots of ideas of force compositions etc.

Friends came and said hello during the day, so hi to Adam, and people who had played last year came and thanked me for the running the game.  Finally, I was surprised and delighted to meet my old friends Pat and Bill who use to run Warlord Games.  Haven't seen them since I went for the funeral of another friend of ours, Kevin, and we had a lot of catching up to do.

Pat on the left and Bill Forster author of The Norway Mission on the right, centre is Kelvin a member of their RPG group.



  1. In my experience, GEV-PCs are one of the most under-appreciated units in the game.

    1. First time I've really played GEV-PCs in anger, and yes aren't they just more useful than a very useful thing to have when playing Ogre.

      I think one of the problems with Ogre, from what I read on the forums, is that a lot of the players are min-maxing their forces without regard to some of the subtleties that emerge when one starts to play games outside of the balanced competitive scenario.

    2. That's something that seems to happen in a lot of games (I used to see it in Battletech) - the whole "optimise your force for this one battle and fight to the last man because you'll have a new army for the next battle" mindset.

      But I see from your next post that you are thinking of a way to deal with this. :-)

    3. And if you want to know more ask me at you BBQ. Remember service brings citizenship.

  2. Replies
    1. I consider it the classic Ogre tee. My partner OTOH thinks tastelessly over bright and hard on the eyes. Both views can be considered correct.

  3. Ill always be impressed with the Ogre minis! Did you paint them yourself? Very well done!

    1. Yep, designed the camoflage scheme myself based/inspired by German WW2 Ambush camo. If you're browsing you can click on the links to the left and up that say Ogre etc or North American Combine or Pan European Federation.


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