Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ogre Force Primed

Today I spent all of the morning, and a fair chunk of the afternoon watching my partner shooting in their first archery club competition.  I caught the sun a bit, as the sun was shining for a change.  My intention to sit and read was lost in watching the spectacle of people shooting arrows, and the satisfying thunk sound when the arrow hits the target.  It was a bit like watching a re-enactment of Agincourt, without the unpleasantness of seeing the horses being shot.

I might go along and have a go, and see if I enjoy firing arrows at butts.

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up my Combine infantry.  Then I primed them, my Ogres and all the vehicles I showed here over the last month, too.  The first step toward having them painted for Blast-Tastic in October.


  1. That's a lot of painting you have lined up there!!

    1. And half a pot of Humbrol enamel matt white and about five hours of painting.


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