Thursday, 13 March 2014

Heavy Gear Blitz Alpha Testing

Over on Dream Pod 9's forum one can find an announcement that they are revamping Heavy Gear Blitz, which in my opinion is a good thing, because as a beginning player I found the rules overly complicated, because of the way they were written, which kept confusing me.  They are also working in partnership with Arkrite Press LLC to relaunch a new edition of the RPG too.  I have really mixed feeling about aspects of Dream Pod 9's products; on one hand the games background setting is an absolute tour de force, and should be held up as one of the finest examples of an RPG setting.  Life on Terra Nova is almost like reading a historical overview of a real world.  On the other hand the tactical rules, as presented in Blitz are written in English words, but using a strange syntax and grammar exclusive to a particular type of nerdy wargamer where cool jargon over rides simplicity, and the need for clarity.

As an author who has just had her first novel mauled by my beta readers, I can tell you all that whatever one might think, one's writing is never as clear and concise as you would lead yourself to believe.  Rule number one, edit your writing by getting fresh eyes on the subject matter who won't read what you thought you wrote, but what you actually wrote.

Excited by finding all of the above out I put in a small order for some bits & pieces from DP9s site, and have been informed that my items are on there way as I write this entry.  So in the next couple of weeks some infantry, plus detail parts will arrive, and I'm planning on making some Chain of Command style patrol markers for my mecha games.  I also blagged four old out of print Heavy Gear books off eBay; a copy of Heavy Gear 1st Edition rules: A New Era Has Just Begun, and three source books, Into the Badlands, Character Compendium 1,  and a 1st edition copy of Life on Terra Nova to replace my tatty 2nd edition book.

Anyway, coloured me excited, because I would love a really good mecha orientated game that wasn't BattleTech to play, so I'm going off to spend some of my time critiquing the Blitz alpha draft to show that I'm doing my part, and want to know more etc.


  1. So you aren't going to write one then?

    I find myself more than slightly tempted to put together a small-scale game, "power armour" more than "mecha". complexity level per unit lower than BattleTech or Heavy Gear but higher than Chain of Command. But I should probably watch VOTOMS first.

    1. It's not because I'm not tempted, because I am, but it's a matter of time and resources, which currently I can't afford to expend on a project that will bring little, if any, financial reward.

    2. Oh yes, watch VOTOMS. The Pailsen Files are awesome.

    3. Yeah, fair point, the only way to make money with rules these days is by selling the minis to go with them. Unless you're the Lardies.

    4. And even the Lardies find it difficult.

  2. Hey PIP. Good to meet you outside the forums. I like your thoughts, and I will keep them in mind myself.