Monday, 3 February 2014



I had meant to do a couple more posts in January, but for various reasons, like it became February for one, I failed to do so.  First off I would like to announce that I shall be taking my Ogre MIB roadshow to Blast-Tastic, which is a new SF wargames show to be held in Bristol in October.  You heard it here first.

So this weekend I was inspired to do some painting, as I would very much like to be able to run an extended Ogre game from using one of the GEV scenarios.  Of course to do that I will need more North American Combine models, and a Pan European Ogre.  The top picture shows the first of the now completed Combine models that only need varnishing before I can field them.

The above picture shows the Pan European Fencer with a few friends.  Some new additions being light GEVS and light tanks, with some more heavy and super heavy tanks, standard GEVs and personnel carriers to add depth to my current force.  Once the above have dried over night, I shall start the first of three washes that I use for weathering.


  1. Those look fantastic. I envy your painting skills - I wish my Ogre armies looked a tenth as good.

    1. Thank you. My miniatures are one of those things that I strive to improve the painting of, and have managed over time to become competent enough to satisfy my needs with regards to looks and the the time it takes to finish them. I will never be a Golden Demon quality painter, not because I can't imagine taking the time to paint the models to that sort of standard, but because once I had I wouldn't dare play with them on the table.

      At the end of the day it is a hobby, put in what you want, and take away what you can.

  2. I really fancy going to Blast-Tastic. I have had my invite. I don't think I am going to get there. Aside from the almost ten hour round trip for me, I doubt I will get "permission". Can I expect a report with a lot of picture? If I can't get there, some piccies would be nice.

    1. Pity, it would have been nice to have caught up. Anyway, weren't you moving to Wales, though I suppose North Wales to Bristol is a bit of haul as well. Yes, there will be pictures of Blast-Tastic, but expect a heavy metal bias.


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