Sunday, 21 April 2013

RAF Hendon

Martin in front of a Eurofighter whose idea it was to go and see the museum.  A good call all round.
This Thursday I traveled up to Colindale on the Northern Line to visit the RAF museum at Hendon to meet up with my friend Martin and have a look at all the lovely aircraft they have on show.  Only took one picture inside the main museum, but did remember to take some in the Battle-of-Britain building exhibit where they were showing clips from the BoB movie.  The music is just so awe inspiring, which made me feel like a five year old again and want to run around using my hands to make goggles.

Wicked looking Ju-87 Stuka.  In the background are a Ju-88, Me-110 and He-111.  Interestingly the Ju-88 had BMW emblem on the engines, while the Me-110 had the Mercedes-Benz tri-point logo on the exhausts.
A section V2/A4 missile which heralded the start of the space race after the war.
Sunderland flying boat in all its glory.
An impressive lawn ornament as you are ever likely to have, a Bristol Blood hound Mk2.
I really enjoyed the day out and walking around the museum, which is huge.  Had a very nice scone, cream and jam as a treat in the afternoon too.  We met up with my partner in the evening at Forbidden Plant and went to Gars for a slap up Chinese meal to round out the excellent day.


  1. It's a great museum, one of my favourites. The other half of it, near Cosford, is well worth it too - in particular for the various prototypes like the Bristol 188.

  2. It's good to see Panther 6 being updated - and brilliant to see things like this and the Bisley post! The Fiat Cr.32 behind the Stuka is a lovely little plane; there's something wonderfully romantic about the last generation of biplane fighters.

    1. Should've mention the Fiat, but was fascinated by the vorsprung der technik of the German aircraft. :-)


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