Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembering Yesterday

Today is Remembrance Sunday. I watched it on iPlayer this morning before going out for the afternoon. A sobering realisation is that it will soon be 100 years since the start of the Great War...

Anyway, yesterday I spent all day, and I do mean all day, nine hours in total, creating the record sheets for 27 different vehicle designs that I might need for the Mummerset campaign.  It's what I should have done at the beginning of the campaign, because by not doing so I have effectively run roughshod over the vehicles, to their detriment.

Of course my players may come to wish that I hadn't designed the vehicles, because in spite of my best efforts to limit their capabilities, they are a whole heap tougher than what they've been facing so far.

Therefore what the players have faced what are effectively the equivalent of technicals; field expedient equipment. Yes, I know that I listed Vedettes, but the truth was that they were not running with their full armour allocation. So imagine some wrecks that had been imported, and had standard steel plating, rather than proper armour applied to fix them up. A bit like what has happened in history. For instance during the Great War Britain actually field training tanks with boiler plate steel to the front lines, because that is all they had. Needless to say they didn't last long under enemy fire.

I can rationalise this to some degree by supposing that the Freedom Army of Mummerset has also been conserving its best equipment for what they see as the main problem. Namely the forces under both General Whales and General Spencer.

I can also  imagine that House Steiner were seen as offworlders who can be dealt with after the real enemy has been eliminated. After all the Mummerset Freedom Paarty want to rule the planet and gain the benefits of offworld trade. Just probably not with House Steiner is all.

Anyway, the work I've done will go a long way to redressing game imbalance around vehicles. All I have to do now is sort out the battle armour and infantry.

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