Saturday, 30 June 2012

House Steiner Über Alles: 2 Additions

As part of getting back into doing regular updates on this blog, I've been going through all the old posts and deleting some photos, which some of my readers may have noticed? I've also been updating photos where I have better pictures too. Part of this is to make sure I don't over run my Blogger picture limit, though I have a Plan B for when I do. :-)

Anyway, to see the first House Steiner mechs I painted up go here, and when you come back you can see the new additions below.

The Zeus is  minor repose of the basic IWM miniature, done up in a variant of the dazzle camo seen on the four legged mechs I have shown previously. What I did was change the scheme slightly by adding a differential colour break between the upper and lower body. This was done by simply making the colours darker, or choosing an alternative colour.

The Commando is just a straight out the blister pack model painted in the new scheme. My plan is that each lance will have its own variant of the dazzle camo, which will hopefully be recognisable as all being from the same school of thought, but subtly different enough to add interest to the unit.

As far as this blog goes, I'm not going to be using it for intensive photo essays, but more for talking about what I'm doing. 


  1. Nice, they remind me of WWI cammo, and what is the picture limit on blogger?

    1. Well they are based on WW1 aircraft camo, so I'm glad I hit the right spots. The patterns do change in quite subtle ways due to the application across complex shapes, whereas most WW1 aircraft the patterns were generally only applied to wings and flat surfaces.

      As for the Blogger limit, I only know that there is one. I haven't yet reached it, but some blogs I subscribe to have.

    2. I can now tell you that it is 1 Gigabyte, which I just reached as of yesterday, and I'm now implementing Plan B: rescale pictures.