Friday 14 October 2011

Busy Doing Nothing, Totally Spaced

Working the whole day long, as the song goes, but in my case not so much finding lots of things not to do,  as not being able to finish projects and photograph them.  As Trebian notes blogs are about what you haven't been doing.

I have been away too. Last weekend off to sunny Devon to see my Father-in-Law, family issues to discuss, but we did manage to go out for a meal with Maria and Cary (boyfriend) of Buffers for a slap up meal at the West Bay Hotel in Bridport.  Buffers is a great shop for all your terrain needs, and I bought some more Woodland Scenics Realistic Water, which I'm using for my Vietnam river project.

So not a lot of painting done last weekend, and this weekend it is SELWG, so Sunday I will be out with Trevor and Oliver lowering property values and generally causing mischief while having fun there.

In the meantime I've been watching Spaced, a geek sitcom starring Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson and Nick Frost, all of whom are recognisable for their roles in various things like Dr Who, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead.  I can't recommend this TV series highly enough.

It is a sitcom that speak to my inner geek. So much of the humour just really resonates with me.  Writers block, imagining film scenes and quoting dialogue are part and parcel of what I think makes life fun.  So if you have any interest if SF films, comics and geek culture you should check it out.

BTW: Spaced is being repeated on TV, but the DVDs are dirt cheap, so go on treat yourselves.


  1. I like a bit of Spaced but it took a while.

  2. I loved Spaced from the first episode. The scene where they are creating false pasts, including their fears is great.

    It does slow down in the second season a fair amount, unfortunately.

    Favourite scene is the parody of Sixth Sense. "A girl got hurt".

  3. I've corrected the link for Space as Bill, who didn't post here, emailed me to tell me of my mistake.

    Bill, no need to be shy about telling me when I've got it wrong :-)

  4. This series not yet arrived to Spain. I will be interested in your Vietnam river, it's my short term period now

  5. If you click on my Charlie Don't Surf label to the left and scroll down a bit, you will be taken to the stuff done so far.