Monday, 25 April 2011

And the Winner is...


This is the new viral thing called the Stylish Blogger Award, for blogs. The rules of the award are:

1: Thank and link back to the person giving you the award.
I was sent this virtual award by David Manley, so thank you for including me into this viral awards fest thing. 
2: Share seven things about yourself.
  1. Started wargaming age 12 at the original Southend Wargames Club, which became the South East Essex Military Society that use to host Present Arms, back in the days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.
  2. I use to cycle to get there, and I remain a keen cyclist, enjoying cross country mountain biking.
  3. My first degree was in photography and film studies, as a result I've seen far more classic foreign films than most people have had hot dinners. As such it is always hard for me to name a favourite movie, as I have seen so many of them, but what I will say is that my favourites tend to be genre films of some sort.
  4. I enjoy listening to film sound tracks, favourite composers being Hans Zimmer, Basil Poledouris, Dave Arnold, Bear McCreary, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, and James Horner.
  5. I've been writing reviews for magazines from a very tender age, early teens, and one of my big triumphs was getting a review of the 1st Edition Warhammer game into the original Miniature Wargames magasine.
  6. Wrote OHMU War Machine rules for TBA Games, which went bust.
  7. I am married, no children, but I do have a lovely Godson and his sister to spoil.
3: Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award.

When I went through my list of blogs I came up with 25 blogs that I thought deserve some recognition, but only 15 of them will be mentioned here today. In no particular order:
Trebian's Wargaming for Grownups

Eponymous The Welsham Writes blog

Steven Satak's The Battletech Reader

Robin Filton 's Gruntz

The eponymous Mistress of Minis blog

Steve Blease's Bleaseworld 

Mark Kinsey's Daddy's Little Men

Brian O'Leary's Irishserb's Miniatures Adventure

Donogh McCarthy's Land War in Asia

Dan Eastwood's Giant Battling Robots;

Ben Rome's One World at a Time

Reinwood's CBT Workbench

Sydney Roundwood's Roundwood's World

Jon Yuengling's Lebanon 1982

Dan Dunbar's Gunner's Wargaming
4: Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.


  1. Thanks for the Award, Pink, but I am not sure I even know of ten other blogs, save the ones you have listed here. *blushes* you know I don't link to any other blogs from my tiny place in the sun, mostly because I am an asocial git.

    But also because I don't know how - never learned much about the site beyond what I needed to get the word out.

    Thanks again for thinking of my site and supporting our efforts over the years.


  2. Thanks for the Award, Ashley.

    I am touched as you are clearly way more stylish than I am.

  3. I usually avoid these viral things, but I'll take it under consideration. :-)


  4. Some pretty august company. My thanks.

    Joel BC

  5. Well I thought one could just do a tit-for-tat thing for the award, or I could actually go through all my blogs and choose the top 15, which is what I did.

    As for the whole stylish thing, I just took that to mean something one liked about the blog, or how much it inspired one. For instance Trebian once wrote something along the lines of this blog is about my gaming when I'm not actually doing any gaming, which I thought amusing.

    Giant Battling Robots is a must read if you want to understand probabilities and how they affect gaming, and so on really. So thank you all for reading my humble musings on things that are really rather trivial in the bigger scheme of things, but as Ghandi once said "what you do in your life may be trivial, but it is still important that you do it".

  6. Thank you very much and I appreciate the warm comments.

  7. My pleasure. Just think of it as a way of thanking you all for the stuff that you write and the enjoyment it brings me to read other people's ideas.Makes for a more interesting life.

  8. Thank you very much. It is greatly appreciated.

  9. Ashley, - just nominated you back & then realised I wasn't set up to follow you.

    I am now.