Saturday, 12 February 2011

Spirit of Steiner Delta Battalion

I thought it might be useful to reprise the evolving task organisation that my players have come up with. Delta battalion's HQ & HQ company has the following:

HQ Section

1 HQ AFV and 1 light utility vehicle, which is pretty much the minimum, but in keeping with the lean, mean fighting machine from post Jihad scarcity.

Staff section: 1 light utility vehicle for Personnel, Operations, Supply, CA, and GRU staff functions (all drawn from other areas as needed).

Supply platoon: 2 utility choppers (no dedicated units available).

Maintenance platoon: 1 recovery chopper, 1 fitter's vehicle, and 1 contact team.

Medical platoon: 1 MASH unit (local vehicles to be acquired).

Air-Defense Platoon (no dedicated units available).

Combat Engineer Platoon (no dedicated units available).

Scout Platoon (1 VTOL Scout/Sniper team).

Fire-Support Battery (4 artillery units).

Most of this is down to what models I have to hand, and the desire to limit the players as much as possible to following a combined arms route for the campaign. I'm using a lot of Mechwarrior vehicles as well as infantry to make up this force, as I've been converted to the idea of using 10mm infantry with standard Battletech mechs, which are supposedly 1/300th scale, but are larger than scale. I like the fact that using 10mm infantry makes the mechs look smaller, and to me more "real", or at least real to the descriptions in the novels and sourcebooks where they are describes as ranging from 30 to 40 feet high.

Combat Force

Armor Company: 2 platoons (with 4 AFVs each)

Battlemech Company: 1 lance (consisting of 4 battlemechs)

Battle Armor Company (Infantry): 2 platoons (with 4 Squads of 4 BA in each) 

Infantry Company (Infantry): 4 platoons (with 4 squads of 7 foot infantry in each)

I've been painting up the battle armour platoons, but this has been a case of two steps forward and one step back. I got them done, but I hadn't cleaned the flashing off them sufficiently so in my eyes they looked rough. I then spent a couple of sessions on the work bench filing off the flash, resulting in the need to re-prime them black etc. However, I've now started painting them again, and with a bit of luck they will be ready in time for the next game session.

Support Forces

Combat Aviation (4 scout VTOLs and 4 utility VTOLs)

I'm using the Mechwarrior Skadia and Cardinal VTOLs, but it is highly unlikely that I will be able to get them repainted in time for the next game. I'm very taken by the looks of these models, which bear a striking resemblance to the VTOLs in Avatar, but of course predate the film by several years.


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