Sunday, 6 February 2011

Colossus Class Tripeds

Usually when I put up a picture, like these MechWarrior Colossus Class mechs, I tend to chat about the models, which I will, but this time I will also be going off on a tangent. So no change there then I hear you all say!

For the Classic Battletech  players these models epitomise all that was wrong about MechWarrior. First they are tripods and how silly is that? Second it was just another example of how Whiz Kids were just running roughshod over all that was sacred in Battletech by breaking the construction rules. Third, MechWarrior was a game with stupid clicky bases and silly rules.

Anyway Whiz Kids produced four variants of the Colossus class mechs. My two favourites were the the blue Poseidon and orange and red Ares variants. I especially like the Ares, as the colour scheme really appeals to me, maybe  because it looks like camo for a hot dessert environment (sic after the event obviously one with jam and orange in it)? Anyway, I stole the idea and modified it slightly as the basis for my Republic of the Sphere units BattleTech scale mechs I've painted, which will no doubt get a blog entry of their own in due course.

Anyway, I liked the Ares so much I decided I would have to make a BattleTech scale one, and I've been working on scratch building one for a while now. The trouble is time. I, like everyone else, am really busy everyday that ends in a Y, and I have so much to work on in my spare time that there really isn't enough hours in the day to do everything I want.

So I like everyone else tends to prioritise what has to be done, or needs to be done first. In this case making and painting models for my Operation Sandbox campaign. However, as I mentioned previously, during the first game we talked about the Colossus mechs as part of the game, and this happened because I had my model of this mech on my work bench.


  1. And what hot dessert would that be? A nice plum pudding?

    Oh, *desert*! Like the Sahara.

    Or is it both, like chocolate cake sprinkled with sand?

    You UK girls! SO always making with the confusion. Like the Ares scratchbuilt, tho.


  2. scratchbuilt Ares? yeah! would be really cool to see the progress.

    The ares is cool, even if they're supposed to be extremely rare. And I hope to read about them in the fiction later on.

    Clicky? I love it too. I play both systems.

    Looks? This is a stompy robot game!

  3. Oh doh! Now I have the conundrum of correcting the spelling and invalidating your post or not? I see that all that proof reading has had its effect on you.

  4. Agreed on all the WhizzingKids comments. Taking some good and attaching a third leg to it... just wrong..

  5. Hey, how often do you get to use the word 'conundrum'? Silver lining and all that. Yes, but my eyes get used to the proofing after a while. I had to lure Skiltao away from his contented life to deal harshly with the results of mine and Geoffrey's work. Just goes to show, writers make good editors - of *other* people's work. With their own, they're crap.