Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year from Paint it Pink


As it says, I do hope that you all had a good night of celebrations to welcome in the new year last night.

Here I sit, after eating and drinking too much, feeling rather full while catching up with blogs and posts on the forums. For my avid Battletech readers I recommend checking this video out on TED.

Remember the first rule of the Cabal is that we don't talk about the Cabal.

The second rule of the Cabal is that it's all about Chunky Salsa. :-)

The third rule is that what happens in the Cabal, stays in the Cabal.

Okay, enough of that amusement. :-)

Plans, I have a few. They mostly involve doing what I enjoy as much as possible fitted around the real necessity of having to work to make ends meets. Oh to be independently wealthy. 

So, just bought the cards I need to play Charlie Don't Surf and Through the Mud and the Blood from TooFat Lardies. As I don't have any Vietnam figures I guess that I will be buying some 10mm stuff from Pendraken at Salute this year. Please don't mention the fact that I have unpainted Spanish Civil War armies to start, and that I've yet to finish my WW1 forces.

Got to build more terrain too, and finish my town boards being a priority project so that I can play games in my planned Battletech campaign for one. Also got to find time to paint more AK47R stuff, as the town boards are an ideal setting for my Mogadishu: Dunmarkeet District ideas based on Black Hawk Down.

As always, so much to do, so little time to do it all in.

1 comment:

  1. Rule #4: What goes in the salsa, stays in the salsa. And the same for the spaghetti sauce!

    I like that Gladwell video too.

    Happy New Year!



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