Thursday, 1 June 2023

Big Little Wars: Post 11 - First World Infantry Formations

Continuing on from my last post, let's look at First World Militaries; though as one of my readers said, should we be using first, second, and third world anymore? One alternative term in use is Global North versus the Global South to differentiate between.  

The answer is I don't know. Feel free to argue the case for retaining or changing the nomenclature.

Armored Exoskeleton Infantry

First World and upcoming nations have access to powered armor exoskeleton that enhances mobility for their infantry. This also enables them to carry a full load of ammunition, and grenades with ease.

Often considered to be another form of mechanized infantry.

They also have the advantage of not being so easily disabled or killed, but when they are, it affects the perception of the battle's success. The standard weapons include a grenade launcher, which are treated like regular infantry light specialist weapons.

Creating Armored Exoskeleton Forces

Teams are the building blocks for a squad. And those squads are the building blocks for a platoon.

When a players' force takes casualties, the results are assigned to the team that has been attacked, according to how it is organized.

Therefore, squads with two or more teams have the option to spread the results across them all. And then players add leaders as follows:


Armored exoskeleton infantry can be be upgraded with

RAV stands for Robotic Attack Vehicles; think Boston Dynamic BigDogs and their ilk. These will be covered next, as they require a separate post.


Armored Exoskeleton Infantry Options

1. Sniper. Attached to the  platoon as a specialist team of two (spotter and shooter) included in the base cost of 30. Veterans can upgrade a team for 10 points, limited to one per squad.

2. ATGM. Embedded with the squad with one team member carrying the weapon, with reloads spread amongst the rest of the team. A team with an ATGM can choose to as normal or fire the ATGM.

3. Heavy machine guns are tripod mounted weapons with two crew. Can be attached to the squad or a platoon and deployed on a RAV. The crew allows the weapon to be dismounted, which then becomes emplaced. It can be left as a remote controlled sentry gun.

4. M252 81mm mortars are mounted on bipod with three crew and costs 30 points. Can be attached to the squad or a platoon and deployed on a RAV. The crew allows the weapon to be dismounted, which then becomes emplaced.

5. M121A: 120 mm mortars require a crew of five and costs 70 points. It's too large to be mounted on a RAV, but can be mounted on a vehicle. The mortar can be dismounted from the vehicle, but then becomes emplaced. Once emplaced cannot move and fire. Large 120 mm mortars are always attached to a platoon.

6. Robotic Attack Vehicles are assigned to teams and squads to allow them to carry extra ammo or supplies. Weapons and electronic counter measures can be fitted instead.

Let me know what you all think?

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  1. Great looking force there- they'll be very powerful. I like the modular options that the RAVs have. Do the snipers teams and other support options human crew come in the same armoured exoskeletons?

    I don't have a problem with 1st/ 3rd world- it is a convientent shorthand. However 3rd world is seen more as a perjorative term than in its original meaning of referring to the non aligned countries back in the Cold War....



    1. They do. I imagine that there would be different types of exoskeleton suits, but for purpose of playing a wargame it isn't necessary to go into the detailed differences. Troopers fight, sniper snipe.

  2. ruSSians are physicly on North... so?

    and are they First World?

    So... Cold War division is still intact, it seems.

    That Noisy Anon. ;-)

    1. Old cold war designation was NATO West was 1st world, Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and their allies were classed as 2nd world, leaving all the other non-aligned nations being classed as the 3rd World.

      The current trend seems to divide the world by Global North versus Global South, and it seems that measure Russia is classified as South, which only goes to show something that is beyond my ability to rationalize.