Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Combat Androids

And the first post of September to make up for the dirth of posts during August, here are my finished combat androids (X29 Blockhead Battlesuits from RPE). Sixteen figures in six different poses.

Tempted to get some more of these to be able to field two 12 figure squads, but I'm currently brassic (that's broke for my American readers who don't do British slang).

And just added a picture showing the six different poses.

I also made two jump off point bases. These will come in useful for the next stage of play testing Big Little Wars. And look, tufts. Will the wonder never end?!


  1. Nice droids - clearly they are the ones you were looking for! :)

    For non-UK readers puzzled by the slang, brassik > borassic lint > skint.

    1. They were. It took a lot of looking around to find the 'feel' I wanted for these.

  2. Replies
    1. Breaking news... Killer robots are neat!

      Read all about it... Which one can read in my novel, Strike Dog.

      Combat androids rock!