Tuesday, 3 May 2022

OMWB: WIP Conversions

Pearson's ride that I've rebuilt to improve the pose still needs a few more grab rails and a roll-over cage to finish. This repose required a fair amount of cutting and fitting with a bit of sculptingto fill the gaps.

I've also started cleaning up two more pairs of legs. The top one is a pretty rough casting from a mould slippage.

The other pair of legs was better cast, but I've had to re-sculpt some detail to punch them up. Again, still a work in progress.

And finally a better picture of the running pose showing off the work so far.

Still procrastinating on what weapon loadouts for the four suits.


  1. Noice! :) Is the open cockpit torso from an engineering variant model? I like the variety that detail gives the model. I never had one of those (whether currently or back in the day).

    1. It is. I thought that the detail was nice, and it also gave a sense of the scale of these mecha too.