Sunday, 30 August 2020

Catastrophic Delamination

Well that's a first. While blending the paint, I overworked the surface, and the paint delaminated. I tried to fix the problem, but more paint peeled off.

Oops! A very big oops.

Ooh, what a horrid mess I made.

Then I tried to clean the area, but only made it worse. And as you can tell this is a very sad story that ends with me stripping the model back to bare metal.

However the arms turned out well, so there's that to be grateful for. Count your blessings.

Not a brilliantly sharp shot, handheld, but hopefully you can see the blending?

And because I knew I was entering uncharted territory, trying out new techniques, I still have the other three models to practice on. I'll try not to overwork the paint and avoid making the same mistake twice.

I see myself rewatching a blending tutorial again, paying closer attention to how to not delaminate the paint.

So that all from my workbench for this time. Catch you on the bounce next time.


  1. How did you prime them? Or did you?

    1. Black car spray paint then sprayed over the top white white (Tamiya) for zenithal priming.

  2. When you're wet blending, are you using tap water to thin out the paints?

    1. I was trying out flow improver, and went over the top with the amount.