Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Combat Armour Build: Dog and Ape WIP 2

Another week, this time progress was slowed down again due to the amount of fiddling required to clean up the castings: in this case to make things square that looked square, but weren't square–in this case the butt plate of the mech above.

The problem only came to light when I found that the torso with the back pack attached didn't look centered. It was then that I discovered the X-indentation marking the center of the butt plate wasn't.

Who would have thought that a tiny amount of asymmetry could be so troubling?

However, I'm pretty pleased with the repose on the model above has turned out.

Below, you can see I managed to break the bazooka casting. Fortunately, this is from the current 1/144th scale range, so I have spares in case anything worse happens.

For those who might ask why use the smaller bazooka? Have you seen the size of the originals: they're ginormous–totally over-the-top humongous weapons.

So, I only managed to get this far with assembling these two mechs before I had to call it a day, as supper was being served.


  1. Looking forward to the finished design. I love the old over the top bazookas but fully acknowledge their ridiculousness. In the words of a dakka poster, they look like they should be firing smaller bazookas! :)

    1. Don't they just. But what I don't really get, as a model maker, is that they chose 1/87th scale and then proceeded to design weapons that they could've compared with scale ones from historical models.

      It's like they made the weapons to a different scale entirely on the basis of bigger is better...

    2. I can't speak as to their motivations but I know that scaling weapons to look good (obviously subjective) on scale models is difficult. I've found in my 3d model tinkering that what looks best on art or a 3d model with accurate physical proportions on the average display screen is vastly different from what looks good as a scale model. DP9 learned that the hard way when they abandoned the RAFM scale line and came out with their first attempt 1/144 "Tactical" scale minis line that had limbs and weapons accurate in scale and proportions to the art but that players overall felt looked significantly too small at the new scale. When they came out with the Blitz line, they significantly increased them. That doesn't explain the oversized bazookas though. :)

    3. Yeah, I get that.

      But the bazookas are a thing. Possibly even a meme...