Wednesday, 22 January 2020

First Game of 2020


Went down to Brighton to celebrate my Godson Dylan's 18th birthday. He wanted to play a game of X-wing, and so his wish was granted. Much fun was had.

Dylan set up a three way game deploying: Scum & Villainy; Rebel/Resistance; Empire/First Order fleets.

After the first turn where Scum & Villainy mixed it up with the Rebel/Reistance before everybody remembered that the goal to winning was to pick up a package adrift in space.

So a race to the center began.

By the end of the game ships had been blown up. In the final turn Alix's Millennium Falcon, with Rey piloting got the token. It was then was promptly blown to smithereens, which meant the game was a draw.

A lot of fun, and next time Dylan has promised to set up an Epic scale battle with two big ships. I think my work as Godmother has turned out well with this one.


  1. ♡♡♡
    That was priceless! Has Dylan had experience with other tabletop games? Star wars, heroclix, and 40k are still popular at our local gaming scene. Players mostly in their late 20s

    1. I introduced him to MechWarrior, and he has a copy of Ogre too.

      Unfortunately, not a lot of his friends are into miniature games, and some of his peers would wreck the games. However, I hope he will find suitable friends who play games when he goes to university.

  2. Looks like a fun setup! I'm hoping that you specifically included the hex mat not just for expediency but also as a way to introduce the younger generation to old school grid based gaming as well. :)