Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Ghost Dog – Out Now!


Story Summary

Newly promoted to the rank of Captain, Tachikoma will now lead another off-world mission. This time to retrieve advanced alien technology. 
The problem is that her team will have to travel to a planet where the pillars only open once every six months. The timing for their return is crucial to the success of the operation. 
Waiting for them is an unforeseen destiny. Can Tachikoma return all her people alive along with alien technology that will change the world? 
Cutting-edge scientific theories underpin the mystery that drive this thrilling military SF roller-coaster ride.


Testimonials for Bad Dog

“This story is great, with a very firm grasp of the Marine Corps lifestyle.”

– Sgt D. Barrow, USMC
"High concept, high calibre character-driven Mil-SF. Compulsively readable."

– Alex Stewart aka Sandy Mitchell author of the Ciaphas Cain series

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  1. Congrats on the new release. Great looking cover.

  2. Cool! Congratulations Ashely!

    1. Cheers. I think it's my best story to date.

  3. Congrats! Are your Bad Dog and World of Drei settings part of the same universe?

    1. No they're different settings, though given that Bad Dog is set in a multiverse, the World of Drei could be an alternative timeline.

    2. Thanks. I noticed that the Drei stories are in kindle unlimited. How is that working out? I've always been curious how much an individual author gets from the $9.99 a month cost when you read his or her book in a given month.

    3. OK. I get a number of reads each month, and that generates a small but regular amount of money; enough for a meal out.

      So, not Earth shattering, but given I'm an unknown writer it does for now. But, I'm only releasing short stories and novelettes on KDP. Novels I go wide using Ingram Spark, because it gives me more income streams.

  4. For clarification The World of Dre series is all about a war with cybertanks, autonomous drones, robots, and power armor.

    The Gate Walkers: Bad Dog trilogy is all about exploring worlds through star gates with combat armor and power armor forces. There's always a fight in each story, but there's more about science, exploration, and meeting alien races.