Monday, 15 January 2018

Strike Dog Finished Art

And the art for Strike Dog is here.

The novel has been copy edited and is now being fact checked by a Marine and a Corpsman for accuracy.

I have the best fans.


  1. That's a nice piece of art:). Hope the book sells well for you.

  2. Very nice art. Is the gun on the right arm built into the limb?

    1. No. It's just the angle.

      No, seriously. The gun is separate. The artist works from pictures of my models, but has to interpret what I send him to make super action poses like this.

    2. Thanks for the clarification. It'd be fine either way but I was just curious as I didn't see an obvious.

    3. Indicator. Sorry about the double post but my last word disappeared after submitting the comment.

    4. No problemo.

      When I commission the covers I have my 'Publisher' hat on. As a publisher I give my artists free reign to be creative, because I know that this makes a job fun, and when artists are having fun they do their best work.

      I therefore resist my urge as an author to micromanage the cover. But, I will be mindful when approving the third cover that there is no doubt.

      See what I did there? ;-)


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